Born of Beerenberg

Jan Mayen

Embarking on an adventure to the remote island of Jan Mayen, with its notorious and unpredictable microclimate, and summiting Beerenberg, the world's northernmost stratovolcano. The surreal landscape of the island, resembling that of an alien planet, features black volcanic sand beaches, colorful rocks, and resilient mosses, inspiring the design of our watches to reflect the essence of Jan Mayen.

The origin story


Ripples on a lake. A glacier. The seabed. Opphav captures the textures of raw Norwegian nature in a vessel made of steel and sapphire.

Opphav Damascus

3,300 year-old wood


The story of the 3,300 year-old root extracted from swamps on the plains of Rastarkalv on the island of Frei, and the viking battle in year 955.