Straum presents the Jan Mayen Collection

Straum presents the Jan Mayen Collection

Straum presents the new Jan Mayen core collection and a special edition model created in conjunction with Fratello, available for a limited period of time only. Preorders will be open from April 13, 2023, 12:00 CEST, and all models, both core pieces and the limited edition, will be priced at €1,600 Excl. VAT.

The brand’s lineup is bolstered by four new core models with texturized dials based on the colors — white, black, green, and blue — and natural features of the remote Norwegian island, Jan Mayen. 

Additionally, one special edition with a “lava” red dial, inspired by Beerenberg Volcano, has been produced in conjunction with Fratello. This special edition will only be available for one week, with preorders open between April 13, 2023, 12:00 CEST and April 20, 2023, 12:00 CEST.

An entirely redesigned case and bracelet has been built to withstand the extreme conditions of the arctic, where this watch was born and tested. It has been conceived as the perfect companion for watch lovers and explorers alike.

Product details

39mm × 11.3mm (9.9mm excluding the crystal), 45.82mm lug-to-lug, with a 24.8mm lug width, and the bracelet tapering from 24.8mm to 18mm at the buckle.
316L Stainless Steel.
Custom designed and manufactured Stainless Steel with two 130% links for a precise and tailored fit.
Stamped with patterns inspired by the landscape of Jan Mayen and lacquered.
Diamond-cut and filled with Super-LumiNova.
LJP G101 (no date position).
Time only.
Soigné, adjusted to four positions (CH, 3H, 6H, 9H).
Middle rate
7 ±7 s/d
Max. divergence, all positions
20 s/d.
±15 s/d.
Power reserve
68 hours.
Core collection availability
White, black, green, and blue dials are unlimited.
Fratello Limited Edition
Preorders open for seven days between 13th April at 4pm CET and 20th April at 4pm CET.
Scope of delivery
Deliveries to be completed within six months.

Contact information

About Fratello
Fratello is an online watch magazine founded in 2004. It offers high-quality watch content that is authentic, unique, and interesting — with a personal touch.

About Straum
Straum is a Norwegian brand founded in 2020 by industrial designers Lasse Roxrud Farstad and Øystein Helle Husby. Every watch produced by Straum calls back to the environment in which it is intended to be used — the great outdoors. Straum aims to produce watches that are reminders of and perfect companions for adventure.


Jan Mayen

Officially part of Norway, Jan Mayen lies 600 km northeast of Iceland, 500 km east of central Greenland, and more than 900 km northwest of the Norwegian mainland. There is no permanent population and the only inhabitants are seasonal workers, manning an important weather station on the west coast of the island. The only reliable way for civilians to reach this volcanic strip of land is via boat, which requires a journey of almost five days across frigid and featureless waters.

“When we first discussed visiting Jan Mayen, it’s safe to say we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into”

The Jan Mayen collection is the second model family released by Norwegian brand Straum. Straum’s debut collection, the Opphav, was inspired by the striking colors and textures of Norway’s natural landscape. To define the characteristics of the follow-up, co-founders Lasse Roxrud Farstad and Øystein Husby looked further afield, to a rarely visited corner of their home country, the mysterious arctic Island of Jan Mayen.

It is thanks to Beerenberg Volcano that the island exists at all. Dominating the northern part of Jan Mayen, the world’s northernmost active stratovolcano bursts straight up from the Arctic Ocean, culminating in its fearsome peak, 2,277m above the sea level. Inspired by this foreboding mountain, Straum’s founders assembled an expedition unit and set off in search of the summit. And all in the name of watch design.

The goal of the mission was clear: To study the rarely disturbed nature of the island, its geology, and the volatile weather systems that frequently batter its shores. Straum was able to distill these firsthand experiences into a series of dials that recalled the curious color palette and remarkable rock formations of Jan Mayen, and fit them into a case that was designed to withstand the harsh conditions of this remote location.

The Jan Mayen collection comprises four core models and one limited edition, created in partnership with Dutch media outlet The four core models, with dials in shades of white, black, green, and blue, will be unlimited mainstays of the catalog going forward, while the Fratello edition, whose red dial was inspired by the lava brewing in the belly of Beerenberg and the volcano’s coruscated crater rim, will be available for one week of pre-orders via the Fratello shop.

Building on the success of the Opphav, Straum challenged itself to improve and refine every aspect of the watch to make it more suitable for a life of adventure. The new, smaller case measures a comfortable 39mm in diameter, boasting a double domed sapphire crystal chosen to deflect glancing blows a watch in the wild is wont to endure.

To further secure the water resistance rating of 100 meters, a grippy screw-down crown and a threaded caseback have been employed. The case back crystal has also changed, with a more traditional round window replacing the form-cut crystals of the Opphav, allowing for a thicker and more durable gasket to be used.

The movement itself has been upgraded from the Sellita SW-200-1 used previously, to the La Joux Perret G101, primarily to take advantage of the G101’s increased power reserve, which stands at 68 hours.